Samsung SHS-6020 (replaced by SHS-H630) Digital Lock

Recipient of a Red Dot Design Award, the Samsung SHS-6020 and SHS-H630 (or equivalent SHS-H635) is a stylish Samsung Smart Digital Lock. Touch-screen design puts security at your finger tips. Hide keypad access with a two-digit "Magic Number". Tamper proof and built-to-last Samsung delivers style, security, and reliability!

Samsung H630 is the upgraded model to SHS-6020 with improved bi-directional latch and with simplified programming feature. 


  • Includes installation
  • 1 year PARTS warranty (Included)
  • 2 years FULL Warranty
    (Optional: additional $100 on non-discounted price)
  • Pay only if it fits.


  • User selectable PIN number from 5 to 12 digits
  • Record up to 20 RFID cards
  • Manual or auto locks function
  • Burglar alarm or fire detection sensor (Above 75 degree Celsius)
  • The life span of the battery is 1 year (with the usage of 10 times per day).
  • Emergency external battery terminal
  • 2 mechanical override keys
  • Able to install remote controller (optional)

Samsung RFID Key Tags with RFID cards (2 pieces included in box)

Additional credit-card size white RFID cards can be purchased separately ($3/piece)

Additional keychain RFID tags can be purchased ($10/pc or $16 for two pieces)

Rebate Adapter ($10)


For customer who have double leaf door.
(Compulsory and not included in package)

Face plate (New)


Price: Included in the package 
(This face plate is customized by us to cover the excess hole during modification)

Samsung Remote Control with Module ($120)


(One module can program up to three remote controls)


Samsung SHS-H630
Our Anniversary Price $629
This week price: $618

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A beautiful visual indicator of swirling red light