Gateman S10 and Shine-V Digital Lock

*New Feb 2014*

Consider the new shine-with a vertical back rim. The vertical rim (back) that looks nicer on your door - especially French doors or ornamental doors.
Call to inquire on the new shine-V.

Since Gateman designs and manufactures for Yale, shine-V is the same as Yale YDR 323 but better assembled in Korea (not China) and you don't pay extra for local marketing budget. 



  • S10-FD model has double hook claw bolt for additional security from physical forced entry (see picture below) - *check for promotional price

  • S10-DM model has normal bolt

  • shine-V has a normal bolt and a vertical rim (back)
    Note: This model is the same as Yale YDR 323 since Gateman designs and supplies locks to Yale!
    So you get the original assembled in Korea instead of China.

What's cool about this lock:

  • mirror surface to see if anyone is overlooking your shoulder, numbers on touch pad lights up on activation

  • comes with "Fake Password" feature to make actual password pattern unrecognisable on touchpad

  • very slim front 


  • Includes installation

  • 1 year PARTS warranty (Included)

  • Optional : 1 Year FULL warranty with additional $50

  • Pay only if it fits.


  • User selectable PIN number from 5 to 12 digits

  • Fake password feature to make actual password pattern unrecognisable on touchpad

  • Record up to 20 RFID Cards/Tags

  • Manual or auto-lock function

  • Burglar alarm or fire detection sensor
    (Above 75 degree Celsius)

  • The life span of the battery is 1 year
    (with the usage of 10 times per day).

  • Emergency external battery terminal

  • Able to install remote controller

RFID tags/cards 

S10: 3 key tags included in package (picture shows only two)
shine-V: 4 key tags included in package (picture below shows only two)

Additional credit-card size white RFID cards can be purchased separately ($3/piece)

Additional Key chain RFID tags can be purchased separately ($10/piece, $16 for 2 pieces)

Optional Gateman Remote Control with Receiver Module ($90)

Additional remote control at $50 each.



5th year Anniversary Price

$388 (S10-DM)

$408 (S10-FD)

$408 (shine-V)

Check Home Page for Promotions


Gateman SD-FD model (horizontal rim with claw bolt)

with double hook "claw" bolt for stronger prevention from physical intrusion.


Gateman shine-V model (with vertical rim)

Fits and looks great on French door or double-leaf door or doors opening outwards. 

French and double leaf door examples.